Region 8 as we know it today began as District 3 in 1987.    The idea to form this region/district was
the brain child of two individuals.  Sgt. Wayne Anderson of the Kingsport PD (now Sheriff Wayne
Anderson of Sullivan County) and   J. D. Toth of the Johnson City PD.  There were not enough
members in this area to become a Region which requires 25 members.  We barely had 10 which is
required to be established as District 3 at that time (we had to get Chief’s and other administrative
personnel to join to have enough).  These members consisted of the Kingsport and Johnson City
Police Departments and the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office.  We also had members from southwest
Virginia (Bristol VA Sheriff’s Office and the Smythe County Sheriff’s Department.)  Prior to that we
had joined either Regions 13(Tennessee), 5(Ohio), or 2(North Carolina).  We enjoyed being in
these regions but all 3 were 4 or 5 hours to drive which made it difficult to attend meetings and
training on a monthly basis.  At one time, we had some of our current members in all 3 regions and
attended their trials.  When our membership grew enough, we asked to become a region in 1989.  
We had additional members from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, Elizabethton,
Jonesborough and Bristol Police Departments.  Due to the requirement to establish boarders for
our region, which was within an existing region, we had to get permission from Region 13 to become
a region within a region.  I believe this is the only such region within a region today.  We also lost
our members from Virginia because they technically belonged to another region.  They would still
compete at our trials and train with us after that.  Our region has always been active in the canine
movement and the improvement of it and its training techniques.  We hosted 3 national events from
1990 to 2000.  The National Training Seminar in 1990 and the National Detector Dog Trials in 1996
and 2000.  At most executive board meetings we are asked to host another event.  Everyone
seems to enjoy themselves in East Tennessee and the “southern hospitality.’’  As one of the
founder fathers I must admit that the current membership has taken this region and training further
than I had ever imagined and I’m proud to be a small part of this organization.  As my retirement
draws near I hope that I can give more time and help in any way that they might need.

Captain J. D. Toth
Johnson City Police Department (Retired)
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