The First & The Last
The first to sense the hostility of a suspect,
The first to react to protect his master.
The first to enter where danger lurks.
The first to detect the hidden intruder.
The first to take action against violence.
The first to sense his master's joy.
The first to know his master's sorrow or fear.
The first to give his life in defense of his
The last to be forgotten by those who work with
others like him. They know him as a "Partner,"
not just an animal.
(author unknown)
K9 Rooke and his brother Seth
Campbell Co Sheriff's Office
K9 Denero
E.O.W. 9/13/12
Loudon Co Sheriff's Office
K9 Deacon
E.O.W. 8/27/12
Loudon Co Sheriff's Office
K9 Odus
Kingsport Police Dept
K9 Recon
Clinton Police Department
K9 Danny
Loudon Co Sheriff's Office
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